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1. Using cookies

Sato Dental Material Co., Ltd.uses cookies to collect certain information on its website( policy explains how these are handled. Please also refer to the Personal Information Protection Policy regarding the handling and transfer of personal information.Personal Information Protection Policy

2. What are cookies

Cookies are text files sent from the website and stored on the device as tags to identify the device when you access the website using the device (Computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.).
Note that if you have concerns about storing cookies on your computer, as described in 4 below, you can reject all cookies or decide whether to accept cookies by making them appear when they are set. However, blocking or deleting cookies may result in the site not functioning properly.

3. Purpose of using cookies

On this website, there are pages that collect access logs to verify the validity of user accounts, to check the login status of users, and to improve the user experience (UX) on this website and services. We may use cookies and web beacons as access information technology to access websites, etc. and link them to personal information held by Sato Teisai, in order to send customized website emails, communications and advertisements for customers. For the above purposes, this site makes use of the following tools.

1)Google Analytics
Tool providers:Google Inc.
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Google Analytics uses cookies placed on this website to analyze your site usage (access status, traffic, routing, etc.). Sato Teeth receives the analysis results from Google Inc. to understand the usage status of customers. The information about you collected, recorded, and analyzed by Google Analytics does not contain any information that identifies any specific individual.
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4. How to disable cookies

1)How to disable all cookies
Cookies stored on your device will continue to be stored on your device until you intentionally remove them or until their respective expiration dates are reached. Most popular browsers have cookies enabled by default, but you can disable cookies by changing the settings in your browser.
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2)How to disable individual cookies
Note that the Google Analytics listed in 3 (2) above can be disabled individually in the following ways:. On the linked Google Inc. page, download the Google Analytics opt-out add-on and change your browser’s add-on settings.
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